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[Pics] 120630 Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah attend KingKong manager’s wedding

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah attended KingKong manager’s wedding this past weekend.  The groom is Kim Sun Ah’s manager, his name is also Lee Dong Wook. lol. And guess who was the emcee? It’s Wookie, of course! ^^ Fellow artists from the agency were also in attendance, such as Kim Bum, Lee Chung Ah, and Seo Hyo Rim (officially joined the agency last month).

Source: Naver  blog

[Pics] Kim Sun Ah at I Do, I Do Press Conference

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[Pics] Lee Dong Wook guested on Fun Fun Today Radio Show

[INFO] Livestream Links for 48th Baeksang Arts Awards

[Edit] Of course they didn’t attend 😦 I was hoping Kim Sun Ah would go since she was nominated for Best Actress. That tweet and schedule update from KKEnt threw me off!!  Actually half of the people who were nominated didn’t even attend. They knew tonight was MoonSun’s night, so why even bother going right? The Baeksang Award doesn’t have that credibility anymore since everything is based on popularity nowadays. 😕

48th Baeksang Arts Awards will be airing this evening on channel jTBC  at 6:30~8:50pm KST. Red carpet will start promptly at 6:oo pm KST (Timezone Converter).

Livestream Links:

Option 1. jTBC OnAir

Option 2. Korean PPTV

I’m not sure whether both Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook will be attending. But King Kong Ent did update their twitter telling fans to support them and other artists from the agency. Also, the event is on both of their schedules!!!!!

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[Pics] Lee Dong Wook joins a celebrity baseball team

Lee Dong Wook just joined a celebrity baseball team! The team name is ‘Hatred’ (lol), other celebrities on the team include his bff Jung Joon-ha, Yoo Jae-Suk, Lee Hui Jae, Hur Joon-ho, and Yoon Jong-Shin. Since he just joined the team, he doesn’t have an official jersey yet, you can see him wearing jersey No.22 J.H. Choi in the attached pictures.

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[Pics] 120423 Lee Dong Wook attends Gucci Store Opening in Seoul

On April 23rd, Lee Dong Wook attended ‘Gucci Club’ event to celebrate the reopening of Gucci flagship store in Seoul. Continue reading

[Pics] 120406 Lee Dong Wook attends Hainan Rendezvous 2012

On April 6th, Lee Dong Wook was spotted at Hainan Rendezvous 2012 in Sanya, China. This is an “annual four-day event for the  that draws China’s ultra high net worth individuals to the Riviera-like shores of Sanya for an unforgettable experience of intensive networking, fabulous entertainment, big ticket shopping and lifestyle discovery”. Basically, an event for the super affluent people to party and to contemplate whether to buy yachts, jets, cars, or diamonds or maybe all of them. Fans think that Lee Dong Wook was there to shoot for magazine editorial or CF with Lacoste. He was there from April 6th to April 8th. Another fan spotted him yesterday eating at a restaurant in Guangzhou en route to Seoul. Continue reading