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[Humor] Scent of a Woman says I Do, I Do

Dejavu moments of Scent of a Woman in I Do, I Do

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[FanArts] We miss SunWook!

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[FanArts] Kim Sun Ah and her ‘I Do I Do’ Costars

I scoured every news portal hoping to get a glimpse of the new sexy ☆Kim star☆. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on the drama ‘I Do I Do’, nada. zip. zilch. Kim Sun Ah has been on the DL lately, updating her fans mostly on Suna Forever and then every once in awhile on Facebook or Weibo. I miss her updates on Me2day ᅲ ᅲ. The script reading session was on Monday but there’s no news article released. Perhaps, they’re waiting for the Korean election day to be over to release them because there’s another lady running for office whose name is also Kim Sun Ah, so they don’t want to cause any confusion. Just my speculation lol. It’s still early in the game, let’s all patiently wait for Ms. Hwang Ji-Ahn’s arrival! The cast of ‘I Do I Do’ will assemble for the first test shoot on March 12th and then filming officially commence on March 14-15th. Meanwhile, I found some fabulous fanarts from Kim Sun Ah’s DC gallery, so feast your eyes on all the hotness that is to come. Exactly on May 30, 2012 at 9:55 pm KST.