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Actress Kim Sun Ah transformed into a fashion muse


Actress Kim Sun Ah transformed into a fashion muse.

Kim Sun Ah was selected as the fashion muse for ‘Singles’ magazine in celebration of its 100th issue and worked on a collaboration shoot with the leading designers inKorea.

In the pictorial with designer Ji Choon Hee, Kim Sun Ah looked elegant in a dress in front of the golden gift boxes. The low cut in the back of the dress and the gold corsage in Kim Sun Ah’s hair adds a level of luxuriousness.

In the pictorial with designer Lee Sang Bong, a clear cellophane with butterfly prints was used to add a dreamy feel to the shoot. Kim Sun Ah and designer Lee Sang Bong are said to have impressed the staff at the shoot with their ballerina-like elegant movements.

Kim Sun Ah also worked with the popular designer duo Steve J & Yoni P, producing a unique and chic pictorial. Kim Sun Ah stepped on a ladder and held the sign that reads 100 and put on the face of a jokester, portraying exactly the character the designers wanted to see.

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[Me2day] Kim Sun Ah is back!!!

Kim Sun Ah opened a new me2day account. 😀 Follow her at

[Fan Project] Support Kim Sun Ah and the cast and crew of ‘I Do I Do’

As most of you know ‘I Do I Do’ drama is ending in two weeks, Kim Sun Ah and all the cast and crew members have been working relentlessly to bring us this wonderful drama. As a way of thanking them for their hard work, some fans got together and planned a small ‘thank-you’ event for Kim Sun Ah and the rest of the cast and crew team. So they need your help to make this project successful. More details via Dia’s website.


Hi everyone! It’s me Dia and I’m writing from Korea right now. Have you been enjoying I Do I Do so far? I bet you all are. Our dear Kim Sun Ah, together with her fellow actors and the entire drama staff has been working really hard to give us this wonderful drama.

The drama will be ending in a couple of weeks from now (July 19) and we wanted to cheer not only Kim Sun Ah but the entire I Do I Do staff as well. Therefore on Wednesday (July 11, 2012) we will be visiting the set and we will prepare simple snacks for the entire team. AND WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET. Continue reading

[Pics] 120630 Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah attend KingKong manager’s wedding

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah attended KingKong manager’s wedding this past weekend.  The groom is Kim Sun Ah’s manager, his name is also Lee Dong Wook. lol. And guess who was the emcee? It’s Wookie, of course! ^^ Fellow artists from the agency were also in attendance, such as Kim Bum, Lee Chung Ah, and Seo Hyo Rim (officially joined the agency last month).

Source: Naver  blog

[News] Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook donate personal items to support UNICEF charity auction

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook join other artists from King Kong Entertainment in donating personal items to On-Bazaar auction to support children in Africa.

Kim Sun Ah donated her favorite hat and a pair of tangerine colored Converse sneakers. Lee Dong Wook donated autographed baseball and mitt for the auction.

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[News] Kim Sun Ah’s haircut chic & confident, a huge hit among fans

Actress Kim Sun Ah’s ‘DoDo Cut’ is a big hit among female fans. (DoDo means arrogant or proud but in Korea the word is often used to describe confident women as well. It’s pronounced Doh Doh).

Kim Sun Ah is currently starring as the beautiful and charismatic career woman Hwang Ji Ahn on the SBS drama ‘I Do I Do’. To portray Hwang Ji Ahn who is caustic personality-wise and stylish look-wise, Kim Sun Ah has chosen to cut hair short.

Kim Sun Ah’s haircut was dubbed the ‘Dohdoh Cut’ and it means to say ‘Become confident like Kim Sun Ah’. The haircut is absolutely perfect for the ambitious and driven Hwang Ji Ahn, who can hold her own in any discussion.

Seo Uhn Mi is the hair designer and the director of the beauty salon responsible for Kim Sun Ah’s new haircut. Seo Uhn Mi spoke about the popularity of Kim Sun Ah’s haircut, “We’re getting drowned with questions about the style and the color. We made the big decision to cut her hair short to match the character of the drama and we discussed countless hours to come up with the concept.”

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[INFO] How to watch I Do, I Do’s Broadcast Live

Watch I Do, I Do every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC 9:55PM KST.

Premieres Today May 30th, 2012!!

If you want to know what time it airs in your timezone, click on this link:TIMEZONE CONVERTER

Options to watch I Do, I Do online:

Option 1: iMBC Website

1. Register for an account, refer to this post for instructions (you can stop at #6).

2. Go watch the live stream from the iMBC website

3. Click the orange “OnAir” button for I Do, I Do’s broadcast at 21:55.

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