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[Me2day] Kim Sun Ah is back!!!

Kim Sun Ah opened a new me2day account. 😀 Follow her at

[Other Me2day] 120508 Im Soo Hyang shares a picture from “I Do, I Do” poster photoshoot

[Translation] Red heels ~^^Taken a few days ago during I Do, I Do poster photoshoot, the concept is funny LOL!!

Source: Im Soo Hyang’s Me2day

[Other Me2day] Kim Sun Ah’s assistant Me2day Updates

[Translation] * “I Do, I Do” poster shoot behind the scenes #1!! *I Do, I Do production! Taken from the recent poster shoot session! Took fun, interesting shots, too hot ~ kya~ ~ Always see that Kim Star ★ has perfect proportions, impeccable body!! You can see more in the drama…!! Look forward to it ~ ♥

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[Me2day] 120503 Lee Dong Wook’s Me2day Update

[Translation] Let’s start chatting!!! Everyone gather!!!

[Me2day] 120502 Lee Dong Wook’s Me2day Update

[Translation] Let’s chat tomorrow!! Winners are…[10 names selected] It’s tomorrow night from 6 to 7 pm! Right after finish recording “Strong Heart” Part 1! Even if you’re not one of the 10 winners, there are still places for a 1000 ppl to watch the chat, first come first served! So see you tomorrow. The chat session is only on me2day App ~

[Other Me2day] 120429 Kim Sun Ah’s assistant Me2day Update

[Translation] First filming of “I Do, I Do”!! Hwang Ji-Ahn’s being cool!! The picture was taken when I was holding up the collar…!! I couldn’t help it so I had to look at the camera… haha.  Came out for filming today~ the weather was nice!! Have to work hard!! It’s very nice today ♥  Kim Star★

Source: JiYoung’s Me2day

[Me2day] 120429 Lee Dong Wook’s Me2day Update

[Translation] May 3rd! Wanna chat with me on Me2day App?? See you at Strong Heart recording that night ~ See the attached pic for instructions!!! The app is available until May 2nd!! Actually it started yesterday but I forgot… hahaha ^^;; Sorry Naver admin~ Hurry up and install the app!!

How to join event:

1. Install Me2day Mobile App on your phone – Search Me2day on Itunes App Store

2. Sign in with Me2day username and password

3. Click on the 3 bars icon which opens up the menu list – Stream, Mentions, Me etc. Click at the bottom icon “me2live”

4. Click the ‘Best chats’ tab and you will see Lee Dong Wook’s event on top.

5. Click the purple button to post any questions or comments you have for the Strong Heart MC. Don’t erase the preset tags [이동욱과의 모바일채팅] and “이동욱과의 모바일채팅”. 10 lucky winners will be chosen to chat with him.