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Actress Kim Sun Ah transformed into a fashion muse


Actress Kim Sun Ah transformed into a fashion muse.

Kim Sun Ah was selected as the fashion muse for ‘Singles’ magazine in celebration of its 100th issue and worked on a collaboration shoot with the leading designers inKorea.

In the pictorial with designer Ji Choon Hee, Kim Sun Ah looked elegant in a dress in front of the golden gift boxes. The low cut in the back of the dress and the gold corsage in Kim Sun Ah’s hair adds a level of luxuriousness.

In the pictorial with designer Lee Sang Bong, a clear cellophane with butterfly prints was used to add a dreamy feel to the shoot. Kim Sun Ah and designer Lee Sang Bong are said to have impressed the staff at the shoot with their ballerina-like elegant movements.

Kim Sun Ah also worked with the popular designer duo Steve J & Yoni P, producing a unique and chic pictorial. Kim Sun Ah stepped on a ladder and held the sign that reads 100 and put on the face of a jokester, portraying exactly the character the designers wanted to see.

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[News] Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook donate personal items to support UNICEF charity auction

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook join other artists from King Kong Entertainment in donating personal items to On-Bazaar auction to support children in Africa.

Kim Sun Ah donated her favorite hat and a pair of tangerine colored Converse sneakers. Lee Dong Wook donated autographed baseball and mitt for the auction.

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[News] Official Drama Posters for Kim Sun Ah, Lee Jang Woo’s ‘I Do I Do’ Revealed

The official drama posters for Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s upcoming drama have been revealed.

In one poster, the main actors of MBC’s I Do I Do, including Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo, are seen seated together. The words ‘Love coolly, live straightly,” is seen while the four leads are all quirkily seen wearing red heels.

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[News] Passionate Lines of Kim Sun Ah & Lee Jang Woo Are Funny

The MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama “I Do I Do” starring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo published a new set of stills on May 15th, 2012. The bold and hot lines of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo made the scene full of passion.

In the drama, Kim Sun Ah plays the role of a competent and outspoken white-collar female Hwang Ji An, while Lee Jang Woo is playing the role of kind-hearted, nosy and jobless youth Park Tae Kang, going through drastic change in image. In the drama, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo come to the roadside stall operated by friend Shin Sung Hwan (Lee Joon Bae). They drink and pour out their trouble, the lines are bold and hot, drawing laughter.

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[News] Lee Dong Wook to hold fan meeting showcase in Thailand next month

Actor Lee Dong-wook will attend a fan meeting showcase to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the relations between Thailand and Korea.

Lee will be in attendance for the “Be Friends BOY PAKORN & LEE DONG WOOK season 1″ at the Impact Exhibition Hall 1 in Muang Thong Thani, Thailand on June 23, the event’s promoter, Prestige Entertainment, said.

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[News] Kim Sun Ah’s fantastic figure rocking it in any look

Actress Kim Sun Ah‘s unretouched pictures are drawing the attention of the netizens.

Recently on an online community board, Kim Sun Ah’s unretouched pictures have been posted.

Kim Sun Ah boasts the many facets of her charm. In one of the pictures, Kim Sun Ah is wearing a dress with big polka dots and in another she is wearing a beautiful purple halter dress that reveals the fantastic lines of her body. The picture with the wedding dress on showcases Kim Sun Ah’s perfectly sculpted back and the shot with the trench coat on showcases the perfectly long legs.

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[News] Photos from the poster shoot of Kim Sun Ah’s new drama revealed

Un-photoshopped photos of actress, Kim Sun Ah have been turning heads non-stop!

The photos were uploaded onto Kim Sun Ah’s official Facebook page, and were reported to have been taken when the actress was shooting for the poster for her latest drama, MBC‘s ‘I do I do‘. The tight dress does her absolute justice, as it wraps around her body, outlining her beautiful figure. Kim Sun Ah, also appears to be a perfect match with her co-star, Lee Jang Woo, who is seen putting on her heels for her.

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