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[Weibo] 120509 Kim Sun Ah’s Weibo Updates

[Translation] About a year ago….? happy about a lot of things that time  Continue reading

[Weibo] 120430 Kim Sun Ah’s Weibo Update

Source: Kim Sun Ah’s weibo

[Weibo] 120425 Kim Sun Ah updated her weibo page

Kim Sun Ah has updated her weibo page with a new profile picture and a new background channeling Hwang Ji-Ahn sshi. 😀

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[Weibo] 120419 Kim Sun Ah’s Weibo Updates

[Translation] Too busy to upload proof shots. Sheesh. @@ The life of Hwang Ji-Ahn.!! Star~☆ The cake was huge today.! Supporters.! Is it a overflowing declaration of love? Yes I know. Maybe I will come back again! How come? Don’t ask.! Alright.! I don’t have friends.! Too busy.! I will sleep soon~ Don’t say goodnight, everyone should know right..! I’m leaving.!   Continue reading

[Weibo] 120326 Kim Sun Ah’s Weibo Update

Kim Sun Ah: “Long time no see. [爱你] how r u guys….???[爱心传递] You want some………!!!!![咖啡]??[可爱] [晕][晕][晕][晕][晕] I’ve got a cold.[委屈][委屈] so….. Be careful…..!![ok][ok][ok] & have a good evening~~~(^з^)-☆”

[Weibo] 120214 Kim Sun Ah wishes fans a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kim Sun Ah: “Happy ~ happy ~ ~~ day! ok?? ~~SuNNy”