Lee Dong Wook

Name: Lee Dong Wook (이동욱)
Chinese Name: 李東旭
Date Of Birth: November 6, 1981
Birth Place: South Korea
Blood Type: B
Height: 184 cm
Debut: MBC 길 밖에도 세상은 있어 (1999)
Family: younger sister
Education: Saejung University
Languages: Korean and English
Agency: King Kong Entertainment

Variety TV Host
2012 SBS Strong Heart 강심장 (Starting from Ep 125)

2012 KBS Wild Romance 난폭한 로맨스
2011 SBS Scent of a Woman 여인의 향기
2009 KBS2 Partner 파트너
2008 MBC Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생
2005 SBS My Girl 마이걸
2005 SBS Hanoi Bride 하노이 신부
2004 KBS2 Precious Family 부모님 전상서
2004 SBS Island Village Teacher 섬마을 선생님
2003 MBC Merry Go Round 회전목마
2003 SBS Land of Wine 술의 나라
2002 KBS Loving You 러빙 유
2002 SBS Honest Living 똑바로 살아라
2002 SBS Let’s Go
2001 SBS That’s Perfect
2001 KBS1 This is Love
2001 KBS Drama City “Happier than Heaven”
2001 KBS A Dreaming Family
2001 KBS2 Pure Heart
2000 KBS1 School 3 학교 3
1999 KBS1 School 2 학교 2

2009 Recipe 된장
2008 Heartbreak Library 그 남자의 책 1
2007 The Perfect Couple 최강 로맨스
2006 Arang 아랑

2011 SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Actor – Weekend Drama (Scent of A Woman  여인의 향기)
2011 SBS Drama Awards Top 10 Stars (Scent of A Woman  여인의 향기)
2011 Korean & Japanese Culture Award 제18회 한일문화대상 문화외교부문 대상
2011 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 코스모폴리탄 뷰티 어워드 가장 매력있는 남자 배우상
2003 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award
1999 V-NESS Screen Award 선발대회대상

5 thoughts on “Lee Dong Wook

  1. non cantye March 6, 2012 at 9:06 pm Reply

    missssssssssss uuu

  2. RubycBugay March 21, 2012 at 5:49 pm Reply

    what is lee dong wook and kim sun ah me2day acct so that i can add and follow them in my me2day acct.

    ruby from subic philippines

  3. griselle May 7, 2012 at 6:59 am Reply

    I love lee dong wook

  4. mili November 15, 2012 at 2:25 pm Reply

    Hi, I am not totally sure but I think DW win an award for his drama “My Girl” in 2005 , is this correct?. Thanks.

    • YB November 20, 2012 at 3:57 pm Reply

      No he didn’t. The last time he won an award was for a drama in 2003.

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