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[Info] Pre-order Scent of a Woman DVD

Previously I posted info on ordering Scent of a Woman DVD for the US version, now another version has been released on YesAsia for the rest of the world to order. This one is called the ‘Korea version’, I don’t know what is the difference between the two other than the cover. It includes 6-disc DVDs with English subtitles and behind the scenes footage. It will be released on March 19th. This version costs more than the US version but it has a nicer cover. For those who can navigate Gmarket site, they’re selling it for $71.17, remember to use the coupons! I was waiting and hoping that they will release the Director’s Cut edition but I don’t think there’s gonna be one. ᅮ.ᅮ

[Info] Preorder Scent of A Woman DVD Set

Finally we have some news about Scent of A Woman DVD set. It will be released on March 20th, but you can preorder through Yesasia. It comes with English-subtitled (US Version DVD) and have 118 minutes of extras (behind-the-scenes and interviews). The downside is the steep price, it’s $59.99. Yikes! Another bummer, for now it’s available on Yesasia US site only. This is not the Director’s Cut version, though I’m not sure if SBS will be releasing one. I hope they do, more sexy tango scenes please!

Image via: Yesasia