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Us2day: Jan 15-21

Jan 17 @ 6:42 PM: “My hometown ‘Sunaforever’ is celebrating its 11th year anniversary. I thank you for protecting me.. thank you for staying together! The birthday is on the 23rd and it’s also the Lunar New Year! I’ll be home soon. To celebrate its birthday! Between a man and a woman? lol It’s hard to love one person for a long time but you have for so long.. this one person who really has not much to offer~ thank you for loving me..!” In the tagline, “Did you have a good weekly meeting last week? I read your lovely letter! (I continue to tell you stop but you keep doing it) Sunforever thank you for the 3 layer cake~ Mr./Mrs Koala [did not specify gender], you continue to move me. I enjoyed the tteok and sikhye as well! I’ll see you guys soon at foreversuna cafe! (I’m proclaiming that I’ll be there lol).” – Kim Sun Ah

Words on picture:  “I was happy to have been together with you! I think I’ll be even happier from here on, because we’ll continue to be together. Sunforever 11 years old. Congratulations.”

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