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Getting to know Kim Sun Ah

All About the Real Sam-Soon
Cine21 Magazine December 2005 Issue

The ‘girl next door’. You know, the one you see when you go down the street, eating some junk food at a 포장마차 (tent bar), half drunk and swearing like a storm; the one you can talk to, without worrying about how you’ll look; a friend who understands you and can relate to your problems. How many actresses try to become that, only to fail miserably, showing how much different from that image they are? How many seem to perfectly fit that image, only to reveal they don’t really care about being the girl next door, but just advancing their career using this persona to fool people? But there’s always exceptions, and Kim Seon-Ah is certainly one of them. She’s not one of those obnoxious beauties sculptured by cosmetics, with model-like bodies creating an immediate distance from the viewer. She’s just an average woman, with all the flaws and charms that come with it. And that’s the reason why Korea has fallen in love with this 30 year old ‘girl’, because she’s real, she never tries to change her image on purpose, never tries to hide her personality traits in an attempt to fit with a certain trend. And when her latest TV Drama 내 이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon) rocked the nation last Summer, recording ratings of over 50%, even Chungmuro realized Kim Seon-Ah was not only the reigning ‘Queen of Comedy’, but also a sort of new age Choi Jin-Shil, the new girl next door.

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