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[Scans] Kim Sun Ah featured in Japanese Magazines


Kim Sun Ah’s Japan Fan Meeting


Kim Sun Ah updated her me2day on Dec 18th with a message saying “Look who’s about to board the plane? It’s top star Kim!! I will bring Scent of a Woman to more audience and return safely.” In the tagline, she wrote, “Have a nice Sunday! Paparazzi by Mr. Lee Dong Pal kekeke”

Of course everyone was curious of this mysterious Lee Dong Pal. One news source even called her agency to confirm whether the paparazzi is the topstar Lee Dong Wook. Unfortunately, it’s not our Lee Dong Wook, but it’s KSA’s manager who happens to share the same name. This is no news to us curious fans, we already know the true identity of this LDpal from her previous me2day conversation with him. Also, we all know that LDW was already in Japan filming by then, so it had to be the manager. lol. There’s too many coincidences with this couple, that even her manager is also named Lee Dong Wook. That name and Kim Sun Ah are destined to be together!  Heehee. I wonder how she addresses them in order to prevent confusion.  Her nickname for LDW on her phone is “Wook-Wook” so I guess she calls him that and “Mr manager” for LDpal? Kim Sun Ah is surrounded by LDWs, she can’t escape them even if she wanted to!

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