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[Interview] Scent of Kim Sun Ah

Star Express Special Interview with Kim Sun Ah
KNTV Guide Feb 2012 Issue

‘Overcoming difficulties. A heroine that people can relate with’

In her most recent project, actress Kim Sun Ah captured the hearts and tears of viewers in the character of Yeon Jae – a woman with six months left to live. Although she doesn’t have much time left, she still lives positively and looks forward to the future. This role has not been easy for Kim Sun Ah, because she not only have to show her comedic side but also act in realistic way in order to win the hearts of the audience.

“I didn’t just research about the basics of Yeon Jae’s disease. Because I think that regardless of the disease, it will always change with different relationships of the characters. For example, when you’re sick, you become more stressed out and thus making your condition worse. Ever since Yeon Jae heard the news about her condition, she has a thirst to live and look forward to brighter future.”

In the drama, Yeon Jae couldn’t restrain her love for the son of the CEO, played by Lee Dong Wook. In the beginning, when we first meet the two characters, the relationship between them was fun and comedic. But as the drama progressed, their love story deepen and we see two beautiful yet tragic people who are harmoniously together even to their breathings. As a matter of fact, Lee Dong Wook said “Because I haven’t been acting for awhile, I had to rely on the female lead and Kim Sun Ah sshi have helped me tremendously.”

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