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[Scans] Kim Sun Ah featured in Japanese Magazines


Getting to know Lee Dong Wook Part 2

Here’s the rest of the interview excerpts.

Lee Dong Wook: Pragmatic and Passionate
Japan Magazine HANAVi 2007

Carry on from the big hit ‘MY GIRL’ and ‘Strongest Romance’ which box office had exceeded million, everywhere he goes, he becomes the centre of the attractions. Now is his brightest time since he joined the entertainment industry. However, he insists humbly that “now is just the beginning … I still need to work hard”. His passions in acting is getting more and more sizzling.

Before I conducted my interview with LDW, I got very nervous for the first time. That was because I recalled his role in MG – Seol Gong Chan was too cool. I was worried he is as cool and as cold as his role in the show. Besides, I read about his profile. He said ” he is someone who distinguishes clearly between love and hatred and he judges a person at first sight. ” With this in mind, I felt that LDW is not a mellow guy. This kind of preconceived ideas had made me more or less get very nervous.

However this disappeared the moment LDW stepped in politely and saying hello with smiles. During the photo shooting session, I saw the LDW who was completely different from what was in my mind. He posed according to the photographer’s instructions and telling them, the poses earlier on were really pretentious ! and when he was asked to pose as if he was very happy, he said, ” he recalled the funny program he watched on the tv the night before ! ” He was telling all these happily to the crew.

Prior to the interview, I told him my thoughts about him changed before and after meeting up with him. He confessed that he used to emphasize the first impressions. After all, he has been in the industry for 8 years.. he tries to put aside those preconceived ideas. Although for most of the times, the first impression from his judgement are not very pleasant, he tries to understand what are the causes that resulted that and hence, he looks more easygoing now.

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Getting to know Lee Dong Wook Part 1

Like everyone else, I knew him from his famous role in ‘My Girl’. But it was not until Scent of A Woman that I became an avid fan (crazy obsessed with all things Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah). I sifted through a thousand page from his Soompi forum to get to know him a bit better. I prefer reading magazine excerpts rather than news articles, as the latter tend to omit and provide misleading information just to get more views. All I can say is Lee Dong Wook is one cool dude! He’s humble, very family-oriented, straight forward, and of course handsome man!!
Here’s a collection of old interviews from magazines and TV shows that he did from 2006 to 2009 with images from his last birthday party.

Interview with Lee Dong Wook: Man of Style
In Style Magazine April 2006

Q: ‘Seol Gong-chan’ in ‘My Girl’ was the lucky character, this was your first leading role. How did you feel?
A: I was fortunate to cast for SGC because of sudden change
of informally arranged actor. It was big burden for me to play the first
leading actor in my acting career. But the camera director who I have
known closely cheered me up ‘you will exceed the expectation.’
And I became relaxed and started to shoot with confidence.

Q: Are real Lee Dong Wook and Seol Gong Chan similar?
A: First of all, I’m not rich as SGC(laughs). The thing that I like my
work and doing hard is in common. And the cool character and blunt way of
talking is also alike.

Q: You haven’t received public attention for a long time since your debut.
Was that hard?
A: I think my acting in <Letter to parents> was not a superficial one but
real ernest play. After that role I gained interests little by little and
anyway I comes to think actors should play well.

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