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[Pics] Lee Dong Wook featured in Arena Magazine May Issue

Lee Dong Wook will be featured in Arena Magazine May Issue, sporting Lacoste goods from head-to-toe. So this is the reason why he attended Hainan Rendezvous earlier this month. 😉 Wow he looks exactly like Lee Jang Woo. The hairstyle, the poses, the expressions…everything! 😯

Source: OhFun Blog

[Scans] Lee Dong Wook “The Man We Love”

Lee Dong Wook in Cosmopolitan China Feb 2012 Issue


Scans by: LDW.net & LDW baidu

[Scans] Kim Sun Ah in KNTV Guide Feb 2012 Issue

Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah For High Cut Magazine

well…plus other artists from King Kong Entertainment agency.

Look at them leaning against the wall with a smize that even Tyra would be so proud of. Kim Sun Ah is seen wearing a sailor-inspired jumpsuit while Lee Dong Wook is sporting a navy blue vest ensemble with cute little polka dot bow-tie. For once, I wish they had Park Min-Young sit on the other end of the sofa and have SunWook stand a bit closer together. Heck, they should have been the regal couple sitting on that couch and be surrounded by the other artists. HeeHee. I can’t wait for more pictures from this spread!

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