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[Me2day] 120209 Updated Me2day Settings

Sun Ah removed the banner and changed the background to pink. Her description reads “Kim Star~ Be Happy”

Wookie also updated his settings. He changed his avatar to a picture taken in Hong Kong and his description reads “Actor Lee Dong Wook me2day”. The previous avatar was the picture of him wearing Park Mu Yeol Tshirt and the description was “Actor Lee Dong Wook me2day. Violent Romance Park Mu Yeol #10. Hit Homerun”

[Me2day] 120209 Kim Sun Ah Me2day Update

Right after she posted the message about Moon-Sun, some fans asked her why she’s not watching Wild Romance. Sun Ah was not happy, she posted a message in reply saying how the choice lies in the one with the remote control and it’s not her job to PR dramas etc. But then she deleted that message. The following day, she posted a picture of the sunrise indicating she’s in a better mood.

[Trans] I don’t want to keep defending. I wish to say many things, but I can’t do anything about it. I still can’t let the kid (in Moon-Sun) go…oh..crazy about it.. ah so nice ~ ~. I wonder why people are like this? Today’s we are live audience. Right? No? We can’t be forced to watch something we don’t like right? I am only a TV audience!” In the tagline, “I want to break free…?/Anxiety?Not entirely because….even if forced to get away…how far..What if I’m…No longer a bird trapped inside a cage, crying out for food. (She’s trying to move on from SOAW)

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[Me2day] 120208 Lee Dong Wook Me2day Update

[Translation] “No wonder! Before we go home, he asked to take a picture with him…but he moved back..!!! How can I avenge him… -_- At least I look smaller in this picture kekekeke” In the tagline he added, “From the beginning, my face was smaller. It’s true. But how come now it’s a bit…Somehow it seems like my head is bigger….!!!”

This picture was taken a few months ago in Odaiba (Tokyo).

Us2day: Feb 1 – 7

Feb 2 @ 3:22 pm: “What else can I say now! Except to say “great”….!.Today is premiere of the movie “Nameless Gangster”….!, I bet the movie will succeed !!. I honestly think that an actor can only shine when he’s acting well..!. This makes me want to work harder..!Ah~~~calm down now…! In the tagline she added, “Welcome to the premiere day of the film !^^ Cool bro Jae Yong Oh.! Ms beautiful Hyo Jin & Ye Jin and shining in movie ky~a~! Great..! Sunbae Choi Min Sik and Mr Ha Jeong Woo!! GREAT!” – Kim Sun Ah

Feb 2 @5:16 pm: “Ah…Lonely… Cold……” In the tagline he added, “Where am I going now? This isn’t right… The numbers don’t matter. No never. That’s not what’s important….” – Lee Dong Wook

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Us2day: Jan 22 – Jan 31

Jan 30 @ 6:43PM: “It’s so cold…! But then…! Suddenly..! I’d like to go to the sea..! I’m dreaming about another trip…! well it’s a wish…!” In the tagline, “Have a nice evening everyone~~(o^^o)” – Kim Sun Ah

Scribbles on picture: I want to see the sea, listen to sound of the waves; there listen to the voices of my heart.

Jan 26 @ 6:22PM: “Thinking……!……..!…….! Should (I)? or not?”- Kim Sun Ah

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Us2day: Jan 15-21

Jan 17 @ 6:42 PM: “My hometown ‘Sunaforever’ is celebrating its 11th year anniversary. I thank you for protecting me.. thank you for staying together! The birthday is on the 23rd and it’s also the Lunar New Year! I’ll be home soon. To celebrate its birthday! Between a man and a woman? lol It’s hard to love one person for a long time but you have for so long.. this one person who really has not much to offer~ thank you for loving me..!” In the tagline, “Did you have a good weekly meeting last week? I read your lovely letter! (I continue to tell you stop but you keep doing it) Sunforever thank you for the 3 layer cake~ Mr./Mrs Koala [did not specify gender], you continue to move me. I enjoyed the tteok and sikhye as well! I’ll see you guys soon at foreversuna cafe! (I’m proclaiming that I’ll be there lol).” – Kim Sun Ah

Words on picture:  “I was happy to have been together with you! I think I’ll be even happier from here on, because we’ll continue to be together. Sunforever 11 years old. Congratulations.”

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Us2day: Jan 8-14

Jan 9 @7:24pm – “The legendary catcher of New Work Yankees of U.S. Major League Baseball has such a word, ‘It ain’t over till it’s over.’ Now just past the first week. I will work hard for the audience who loves Wild Romance.” In the tagline, “Thank you to fans who are even more anxious than I am. But I do not therefore neglect or demoralized ~ The filming scene is very happy and fun ~ Do not worry!! Acting here today itself is very happy, except that it’s getting colder and colder, keke.”-Lee Dong Wook

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