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[News] Lee Dong Wook & Jung Joon Ha, close enough friends to drink together in the wee hours

Entertainer Jung Joon Ha hung out with actor Lee Dong Wook. Jung Joon Ha tweeted in the early morning hours of February 8th, “Got a call from Lee Dong Wook nim saying he got a day off from filming so inhaling beer at this hour…with meat…You’ll~ blame me for sure! You’ll get up and look in the mirror…”, “This kid’s face is a li~ttle bigger than mine?” along with several pictures.
In the pictures, Jung Joon Ha appears to be having a great time with Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook is currently appearing on KBS2′s ‘Wild Romance’ and on his day off he met up with close friend Jung Joon Ha. The unexpected friendship of the two entertainers draws the eyes.

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[News] Kim Sun Ah “The Sun and the Moon is everywhere”

Kim Seon-ah showed how big a fan she is of the drama “The Sun and the Moon”.

She posted on her Me Today homepage, “Although the sun and the moon can’t be in the sky at the same time, they can be reflected in a pond. Did you ask to be forgotten? Do you wish to be? I am sorry that although though I tried to forget you, it cannot be done. It’s so awesome. When the moon is up we sleep and when we wake up the sun is there. I wish for a warm sun tomorrow”.

She then continued, “Shut that mouth, because I don’t want to see it. Stand around for the time being. Everywhere I go it’s about the sun and the moon”.

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[News] Actress Kim Sun Ah reveals she’s close friends with BoA

On February 3rd, actress Kim Sun Ah revealed her surprising friendship with pop queen BoA.

Writing through her me2day account, Kim Sun Ah said, “No. 1 Boa is awesome~~ We’ve always dreamed about being different, hehe.” She added, “I should have stood further back when taking the picture! BoA is awesome! She always carefully monitors my dramas and always cheers me on. She is always~~ the No.1 girl! She is so cool these day!”

The actress from ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon‘ and ‘Scent of a Woman‘ made several little jokes in her post by referring to BoA as “No.1″, which is also the name of the song that allowed BoA’s popularity in Korea to explode.

The two stars look like sisters as they pose for the camera with their makeup-free faces.

Netizens commented, “It’s nice to see the closeness between the two of you” and “Kim Sun Ah’s famous connections. She seems to know everyone!

Article from: allkpop

[News] Actor Lee Dong Wook from Wild Romance is depressed? “Where am I going…?”

Actor Lee Dong Wook who plays Park Moo Yeol, the lead on KBS 2TV’s Wild Romance, attracts attention by revealing how uneasy he is now.

In the afternoon of February 2, he posted a picture of himself walking by the beach and posted on his me2day, “Where am I going now? This isn’t right… The numbers don’t matter. No never. That’s not what’s important.”

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