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[INFO] Vote for Scent of a Woman!

Look, another award show! 😛 It’s the Seoul International Drama Awards! Scent of a Woman has been nominated in the TV series category. I believe this award is purely based on popularity since fans send in their nominations. Please vote by clicking the red heart button! You can click as many times as you like. 😀

[Edit] We’ve reached the 1 million mark!!! Please keep on voting!!

Quick way to find SOAW icon: Go to Serial, then keep clicking ‘List More’ until you see SOAW picture. Keep on voting! Don’t be discouraged by the other numbers. Just keep clicking!!!!! 🙂

[Edit#2] Ok, I just found out that this is not the popularity vote. It doesn’t matter how many times we click the heart button as the winner for Best drama serial will be made by a panel of judges. The popularity netizens voting for Best Drama/Actor/Actress will start in July via Daum website. I will post more information when the real voting starts in July.