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Fan Analysis: Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah are Dating?

Written by Jamom@baidu, Trans by etee7114 & leirui@soompi, shared by bananaleaf@soompi

I rarely watch TV. I actually like watching Korean dramas, but I’m very picky. For most (dramas), I’ve watched only a few minutes of the first episode. So far, I have watched a total of about 10 Korean dramas, among which 3 are KSA’s dramas and 2 of Dong Wook’s.  So, I consider myself, Sunny and Wookie are all fated.  First Sunny’s drama that I watched is “MNIKSS.”  I felt this chubby girl is very pretty and cute, but also she’s so enriched and live life free and easy.  Dong Wook’s first is “My Girl.” I felt the boy was very handsome and manly, the most manly male lead I’ve ever seen.

I’m much older than Sunny, educated in the science field, and all along I’ve never paid any attention to any stars. The last 2 dramas I’ve watched are Sunny’s “City Hall” and “SOAW”.  “City Hall” is the first time I’ve ever been fascinated by a TV drama. I spent a lot of time searching for relevant information about the leads. Eventually, I found out that Sunny is also very charming in real life.  Ultimately, I became a big fan of Sunny. “SOAW” is a drama which stars Sunny and Wookie.  And it became the first TV drama which I followed while it aired.  As a result, I’ve also discovered that Wookie is very manly in real life.  He is a good man.  In the end, I cannot help but like Wookie too.  I’ve watched many of their previous videos, BTSes and interviews.  Therefore, while I have not known them for a very long time, they are no strangers to me either.

It’s been 4 months since the premiere of SOAW.  Yoon Jae and Ji Wook, from strangers, have grown little by little to become one in the end. Suna and Dong Wook have also from costars become familiar partners and then lately became close friends.  I have also grown to like this SunWook couple and hope that they will forever be close friends and perhaps end up happily together eventually. Because their interactions have led me to believe their relationship is closer than that of friends, it is beyond the scope of normal friends.  When they are happy, I’m happy; when they are sad, I’m also worried.

In the drama, once JW made up his mind about his relationship with YJ, his eyes were full of love and adoration that it touched the people who watched them and we feel happy for them.  Is this just acting?  Is it only in this drama?  From what I understand and believe is: Dong Wook, in “SOAW”, took special care in interpreting his role, he really put his own emotions into it.  He was so into it that his acting turned out awesome.  In fact, Dong Wook also said it more than once, the importance of this drama (his return after military service) to him, and how much he liked this drama (the best gift).

Sunny has always been very relatable, very kind.  From videos, she’s very gentle with kids and in front of her friends, she acts all cutesy/spoiled, but she is very generous/kind/considerate to everyone.  Therefore, adults, children, men and women, they all like her very much.  From their SOAW BTSes and me2 photos, Sunny and Wookie are always together.  In this drama, on and off screen, Sunny and Wookie have shown a very natural and very comfortable closeness.  According to their own separate accounts of their first meeting, they were very shy and very awkward, because at the first meeting, it was required of them to embrace/hug each other and practice the tango.  I personally think this may be because he’s so handsome and she’s so beautiful and both got zapped when their eyes met, keke.  Otherwise, as actors with 10 or more yrs of experience, they should be used to it already.  As ordinary folks, when there are hotties who come our way, we more or less will become nervous and have animal instincts, right?  However, on Dong Wook’s day of discharge from MS, the day of the poster shoot, the two of them got along very well, though not as familiar as they are now, but their interaction was already very natural.  So, in just two short months, they have publicly said their relationship is that of very close friends.  Two of them sang endless praises and appreciation of each other.  Their assessment of each other is favorable, each of them having seen the qualities they most care about in their ideal types, and that is kindness and caring/consideration.  As you all know, for men or women, regardless of settings, they can be kind; however, caring for the other person is based on mutual feelings for each other.   Plainly, the two of them have started to care for one another.

I’ve read some of the senior fans’ comments, their interactions during the drama, and especially after the end of the drama, their interactions have gone beyond their usual way of interacting.  Both Sunny and Dong Wook have always been low-key individuals.  They have always avoided scandals/gossips.  So this time, why do they keep interacting with each other?  To hype it?  I can’t find any reason for the hype.  Sunny has always been very successful and popular.  Wookie’s contribution is overwhelming too.

I believe that DongWook has already confessed his feelings. This confession was probably made on SunAh’s Birthday (Just my instinct, those who disagree can ignore this). Because after that, their interview and speech interaction are more than indefinite feelings, more like bf-gf. On her birthday, SunAh uploaded their intimate photos on me2. As normal person, when uploading these kind of photos on your birthday shows that the relationship between you and this guy are not that simple (aka couple relationship). Dong Wook then uploaded a picture of them sitting together and looking forward for tomorrow. This means that Dong Wook not only admit their relationship but he wanted to take another step forward, a stable relationship. Then sometimes later, Dong Wook openly asked SunAh what she thinks of him. Honestly, he’s been very brave because he didn’t have to do this. In his heart, he should have known about SunAh’s perspective, since she has praised him many times in public. (It is unusual for SunAh to act like this therefore we know how great love can be). I felt that Dong Wook did  it on purpose, he said before that he hope to date openly, hence he’s trying to see if it’s possible. And because of their character Yeon Jae  and Ji Wook, they thought that it is safe to be bolder. SunAh also said  that she doesn’t want to publicly announce her relationship, but every time when  Dong Wook throw a ball she will still catch it bravely. Example, Dong Wook calling for Miss Lee, using opportunities to ask SunAh questions  etc.

About one month ago, both of them remove SOAW promotional photos. This shows that both of them are in the process of getting out of their characters.Those words that Dong Wook said to SunAh the day he left for  Taiwan, even though he said Yeon Jae’s name, but the content is based on reality (SunAh’s birthday, SunAh’s movie red carpet, SBS awards). Maybe he was just joking, but this honest guy can’t hide his shy expression. He still said that he’s going to contact SunAh when he return to Korea. Then after that SunAh posted the photo with four of them on me2. It feels like Dong Wook have been taking the initiative part and SunAh just goes along  with him. Until recently both of them meet with stress from outside, had to be on low profile.

But, I really believe that they are a couple due to the reasons below:

1) Dong Wook organized SunAh’s birthday party. No matter how close you are with your friends, there’s no need to be the first one to celebrate an opposite gender’s birthday and also be the organizer.

2) Dong Wook introduced his good friend to SunAh. In reality, it’s not just a simple introduction on me2, he also wanted his friend to acknowledge SunAh immediately. This shows that to a certain extent, SunAh is more important than his good friends.

3) Dong Wook and SunAh attended the Only You movie screening together.  Technically, SunAh is a sunbae and a girl, Dong Wook should have been a gentleman and act according to his personality. But this time, he leads SunAh into the venue, waiting SunAh to move nearer to him and directing SunAh where to look. It is not the first time that SunAh have gone to VIP events with guys. In the past, she would openly stand in line with the guy. But, this time she keeps hiding shyly behind Dong Wook. Moreover, when Dong Wook bows, she bows, when Dong Wook points at one direction, she would look in that direction. Do they have to be so natural and coordinate with each other?

4) Both of their emotions change at the same time. When Dong Wook is feeling unhappy, it’s also a “coincidence” that SunAh is feeling sad too. When Dong Wook is happy, it’s merely a “coincidence” that SunAh becomes happy too. Dong Wook bravely responded against antis and then SunAh got influenced by him and stood up for herself too.

5) Dong Wook’s song. From both Korea and Japan fanmeeting account, Dong Wook have said that the song expresses his feelings and hope everyone will take the lyrics seriously. I have read it thoroughly and my first impression of the lyrics is that this song is a love confession song. After reading it again, I still think the song is a love confession. Not only the feeling of the song indicates a love confession but also in the details of the lyrics.

Dong Wook also said that this song is for the fans. Does it matter whom the song is written or sung for? (Singer Zhou Hua Jian also wrote a song [Kiss my baby] for his son and sang for the fans, right?). The reason as to why Dong Wook keeps emphasizing to read the lyrics is because they contain his true feeling since debut till now. He has debuted for ten years, and now he’s finally met the person he loves and this woman could help him in his career. He’d actually wanted to publicly announce this relationship but due to many reasons he couldn’t, hence he’s using the song to help tell his fans that he’s dating and hopes that everyone will support him.

Of course, there’s a reason why he chose the fan meeting to perform this song. He loves and genuinely trusts his fans and therefore he’s willing to share his feelings with them. Hence, fans who already like him will like him even more because of his trust.

As to why I am sure that the woman he loves is SunAh, other than the reasons listed above. We can understand it through another prospect. If Dong Wook is in love with another woman, then according to his character and temper, he should not be that close with SunAh and there wouldn’t be further interactions between them after the drama. In the past, he had quickly refute any love rumors but it’s different this time. When antis left messages on his me2, he could have used that opportunity to clarify his relationship with SunAh. He himself said he reads all his me2 messages and he even replies to rude comments, but not on comments related to SunAh. Also, Dong Wook and SunAh are such good friends, he should have known that SunAh cares a lot about other people’s views. She doesn’t want to be hurt by the comments and also for others to be affected by them. The antis’ comments were clearly directing at SunAh and Dong Wook. Unlike his normal self, Dong Wook didn’t speak a word to the anti, he couldn’t and wouldn’t because he doesn’t want to deny their relationship. Then SunAh’s abnormal response to anything related to Dong Wook also have the same indications.

6) SunAh’s birthday video present for Dong Wook. I have also earnestly read through the message. Although SunAh didn’t write it as straight forward and as bravely as Dong Wook, the message also expresses her true feelings. She describes Dong Wook as kind, soft-hearted, affectionate and as someone who could maintain his temper. She praises not only Dong Wook’s looks and his acting skills but also his true personality, this shows that SunAh understands Dong Wook very well. In other words, they have a close relationship offscreen and are in contact each other very often. Even though SunAh wrote Kang Ji Wook’s name, she included the phrase “You are the most important” in the video. Then at the end, where SunAh said “Wish you a happy birthday”, the photo of the gift is herself doing the “nayo” pose. Why not just put a birthday cake or any other photos but a photo of herself?

SunAh is really beautiful and cute, independent and also feminine.  Dong Wook is really handsome, kind and manly. To tell you the truth, my husband whom I’m married to for ten years, has the same horoscope as Dong Wook, a responsible and empathic man, the same characteristics as what SunAh describes Dong Wook. He still calls me honey even til now. Hence, I have reasons to believe that Dong Wook will be the same. I’m not worry that they are not in love. I just hope that they could still love and forgive each other and learn the truth of love even in this complex world that they live in. This way, then they could be be together and be happy for the rest of their lives.

Will continue to pray for them forever!